Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Air, Grass, and Birds

I just returned home from my early morning walk. Even though the temperature is in the 70's, the humidity makes it seem more like 90. Blue jays were screeching and crows were laughing, water was dripping from the overhanging limbs of trees and the storm drains were gurgling from the late night rain.

I still huff and puff a little while going uphill, but I purse my lips and blow out all the air I can to make room for new and fresh, hopefully oxygenated. The air in Florida smells like hundreds of others have already breathed the good part out of it...not like that sweet-smelling air in Delaware of maturing wheat and corn and soy beans. I guess I will always think of Delaware as home.

Now, as I sit here and sip my morning coffee, I wonder if the grass will have time to dry before our daily thunderstorm. Yesterday I managed to mow the front yard, but showers drove me back into the garage after one swipe around the backyard. I can still smell the cut grass as a slight breeze drifts in.

There is a cute little black-capped chickadee at the bird feeder. Oops, the tiny one has been booted off by a big old fat bluejay.

In the last few days I have seen doves sitting on the porch railing waiting for smaller birds to slosh out seeds onto the porch floor so they can swoop down to nibble. And there have been lots of purple finches. Here comes a cardinal and its new little one. She's feeding it seeds. It's a magical movie, free for watching.

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