Monday, May 18, 2015


I am obsessed with the black racer living outside my back porch, me and Mopsy, my kitty. She sits inside the screen watching him in the ivy outside. Sometimes I can see him, his head sticking up through the green leaves, his tongue flickering in and out, but most times I only know he is there because Mopsy studies the ivy intently.

If I tap on the porch 2 x 4, he takes off through the foliage, but he doesn't go very far, only to another shrub to hide again...and lie in wait...or something.

I found this on youtube, unbelievable. I am such a wimp.

Research says the "southern" black racer will eat almost any animal they can overpower. Could that be me? Haha. Maybe. Every site says harmless, right. I see the blood all over that little girl's hand. But, then, I might bite, too, if someone was squeezing my throat.

I never thought I'd be looking forward to winter, but this year? Yeah!

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