Monday, May 18, 2015


I am obsessed with the black racer living outside my back porch, me and Mopsy, my kitty. She sits inside the screen watching him in the ivy outside. Sometimes I can see him, his head sticking up through the green leaves, his tongue flickering in and out, but most times I only know he is there because Mopsy studies the ivy intently.

If I tap on the porch 2 x 4, he takes off through the foliage, but he doesn't go very far, only to another shrub to hide again...and lie in wait...or something.

I found this on youtube, unbelievable. I am such a wimp.

Research says the "southern" black racer will eat almost any animal they can overpower. Could that be me? Haha. Maybe. Every site says harmless, right. I see the blood all over that little girl's hand. But, then, I might bite, too, if someone was squeezing my throat.

I never thought I'd be looking forward to winter, but this year? Yeah!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Enjoyment is a funny word, its memory makes me smile.
I dream of food and trips we took, all of them worthwhile.

The friends we knew, the games we played, the holidays we shared.
All the happy times when there were two of us who cared.

To enjoy oneself alone is a feat that must be learned,
Bliss is meant for sharing with love that is returned.

Things we did together are not enjoyed alone,
So now I look for new delights, places not well-known.

It’s just a hit or miss, the enjoyments I search out.
Trying to live without him is what it’s all about.

Sometimes I think he is beside me, asking why I’m where I am.
He still intrudes upon my thoughts, my life is such a sham.

People say that time will heal the loss I feel within
Something tells me it’s not true, just all hype and spin.

My happiest memory still remains when we walked down the aisle.
Enjoyment is a funny word, its memory makes me smile.