Sunlight Dances

Sunlight dances on light and dark,
A wooden bridge leads to a park.
A flagstone walkway curves with ease,
Around green plants 'neath blooming trees.

Memories flow striking a spark,
Sunlight dances on light and dark.
Shadows flicker from days gone by,
Scenes of love return with a sigh.

Our hearts were pledged to each other,
Sacred vows to one another.
Sunlight dances on light and dark,
In stately oak, we carved our mark.

Our love has lasted to this day,
Through laughter and tears, work and play.
Still on life's journey we embark,
Sunlight dances on light and dark.


Kids on the corner with nothing to do,
Thinking up mischief till summer is through.
Blue skies and sunshine, with time on their hands,
Too hot for fishing or working on tans.

They ride to Joe's Place and shoot some eight ball.
That soon gets boring, on to the mall.
They lock up their bikes near Bobby's Arcade,
Drop in their quarters, shoot, run and evade.

Their money's all gone, so out comes their cell,
Text to their buddies and girlfriends as well.
Complain they are bored and ask them, "What's new?"
Kids on the corner with nothing to do.


I pulled out the drawer and dropped it.
My toe, bare of shoes, tried to stop it.
It felt like a hammer,
made me shout and stammer,
my mom got an ice bag to top it.

As long as the cold was applied,
the swelling and pain would subside,
but standing was hell
and just made me yell.
My eyes overflowed and I cried.

I sat in my chair with it propped
up high on the wall the pain stopped.
My mom said you can't
continue to rant.
The blood blister needs to be popped.

So off to the doctor we went.
My foot on the dash slightly bent.
Would doc use a knife?
The visions were rife.
Complaining I sorely repent.

But after the doc did his deed,
the swelling and pain did recede.
The motto of this,
Stand back so you miss.
A drawer falls down at high speed

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